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DG Extrusion machine(Common puffed extruder)

DG Dryer

DG Processing Line

DG New extrusion machine (fully functional)

3-Layers Oven

3-Layers Fuel Oven(Reciprocating)

3-Layers Fuel Oven(Extended)

5-Layers Hot-through Oven

Ten layers over plate oven

Single tunnel oven

Twin Screw Extruder

DG90-Ⅱ Twin Screw Extruder

DG75-II Twin Screw Extruder

DG70D-I Twin Screw Extruder

DG65-ⅡTwin Screw Extruder

DG35-Ⅱ Twin Screw Extruder

DG95-Ⅱ Twin Screw Extruder

DG52-Ⅱ Twin Screw Extruder

DG20-Ⅰ Twin Screw Extruder

DG85-IV Twin screw extruder

DG70-Ⅱ Twin screw extruder

DG65-Ⅱ Twin screw extruder

DG65-III Twin screw extruder

DGD100 Single Screw Extruder

LMT Cheetos/Kurkure Extruder

Breakfast cereal and corn flakes production line

Textured /Fibre Soya protein food production line

3D Twice Extrusion Snacks production line

2D Twice Extrusion Snacks production line

Nutritional rice production line

Tortilla chips production line

Cheetos snacks production line

American Mushroom /Butterfly popcorn production line

Core-filling puffed snacks food production line

High Temperature Dryer(Extruder)

DG Seasoning, spray

DG Fried, Butter oil, Oil filter

DG Other single

PTG-SPT Double-Drum Spraying Line(High Temperature)

SGT-P Oil Spraying Flavoring Line

PTG-PT Single-Drum Spraying Line(High Temperature)

Flavoring Line

Flakes Presser

Triangle Shaping Machine

Compound Shaper

Traction cutter

3M Oil-Curtain Fryer

4.5M Oil-Curtain Fryer

6M Continuous Fryer

Automatic Fryer

Double Deoil Line

Vibrating De-oiller

GLF High Temperature Roaster/Puffer

YMP-III High temperature roaster (Puffer)

YMP- II High temperature roaster (Puffer)

High-temperature dryer drum

Single high-temperature dryer