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Repair and maintenance of equipment
(1) DG twin screw extruder Host
· Always check the connection part of the host, the fixed part, transmission part is loose, there will be tightened.
· Gear lubricant should be replaced every six months, two months after use of new equipment, should clean up the distribution box and changing the oil after every six months; check the pump is working properly, whether the leak phenomenon, with or without obstruction phenomenon.
· Transmission belt is properly tensioned.
· Regularly check the peeling blade work, as has been worn, please replace, so as not to affect the quality of molded products.
• In the working environment, electrical parts should always be dust, to prevent electrical contact failure, causing the machine is not working
• To minimize idle time host, holding screw life, you should always check whether the noise distribution cabinets to prevent bearing wear gap is too large to run.
· A long time does not boot, connect the die body, screw and other parts coated with anti-rust oil.
(2) DG single screw extruder
· Host deceleration chassis body should check replace the oil once every six months.
· Motor belt should be inspected regularly and, if loose, please feel free to adjust, if damaged, please change.
• After long-term use of electrical sensitivity will be affected, to the timely replacement to ensure the normal operation of equipment
· Frequently observed cooling system piping for leaks phenomenon.
· Electrical wiring devices car Cen regularly check whether there is loosening lugs.
• If a long time without power, connect the machine spindle and the inside surface coated with oil to prevent rust; cylinder inlet should be closed; the spindle is placed in the barrel, to prevent bending.
· Temporarily without mold, die and other body parts should be oiled save.